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Another Way To Look At Low Back Pain

While Chiropractic is not a treatment for back pain, it is a way to bring the body back into a state of dynamic balance according to Dr. Steve Hoffman. He states further that while chiropractic adjustments have a long history of being of great help to people suffering with back pain, a simple mechanical approach may be too simple.

There is a viscero-somatic (organ caused) concept in chiropractic that cannot be ignored. This means that an organ or organ system under stress (like the kidneys when the body is detoxifying) may cause short term back pain. There are also psycho-emotional issues that may be causative. But systemic inflammation is the easiest "other" component to deal with that may result from or make back pain worse.

Systemic inflammation can be offset and a way to try to reduce this inflammation in your body is by making sure that you are eating healthy.

Common sense approaches include avoiding foods that trigger inflammation, avoiding chemicals and pesticides and toxins and also supplementation.

While there are herbs and enzymes that may be useful in countering inflammation, the more intelligent approach would be to determine which substances cause an inflammatory reaction in YOUR body and reduce or eliminate them from your lifestyle and diet.

Examples of inflammation producing foods for many (but not all) people are dairy, gluten, caffeine, artificial colors and sweeteners.

Certain foods, additives and chemicals are capable of triggering immune reactions that create an inflammatory response. Avoiding foods that produce such reactions may resolve or at largely improve symptoms resulting inflammation. Mediator release (MRT) testing measures which substances produce inflammation in YOUR body.

Ask us about whether this test is available for you. More importantly, notice your reaction to what you eat and adjust accordingly.

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