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What Our Members are Saying

All I can say is, Dr. Sammy is the best chiropractor ever! You can feel his concern and he truly gives his best every time he adjusts you. He promotes healthy body, mind & spirit and he helps me a lot with my wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Sammy Pyon for all your health issues. Thank you for saving me from two possible surgeries, Dr. Sammy!!

Magdalena Y.

January 2017

Dr Sammy is a caring and attentive practitioner.  We really appreciate his open-mindedness and holistic approach.  Our whole family sees him.  We feel like we are in very capable hands.  Trust him completely!

Jen B.

April 2016

Get adjusted and illuminated about life and medical care at the same time. Dr. Sammy and his team are just wonderful. They are very present and attentive to your needs. And accommodating to your schedule needs. They give great workshops and lectures on medical care, and mind body spirit matters too. People drive from afar for their care.

Liam B.

March 2016

Had a lot of pain from neck to right arm which is a cervical nerve problem. Went to see Dr Pyon after x-rays, Dr. Pyon immediately starting working on me. The first treatment I felt 100% better and I could move my arm without pain. I've been seeing Dr. Pyon for 3 years and I will continue to see him.

Sheri D.

March 2016

Dr. Sammy has been adjusting me since I can remember! Any time I feel sick or have an injury, he is the first person I call!! Knowledgeable and a friendly team, I recommend Dr. Sammy to all my friends and family!!

Daniel P.

January 2016

We want to thank you for the significant improvements in our health. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and since he started seeing you, he is now moving much easier. His stride is more fluid and his neck aches are gone. As for myself, my body aches are gone and I look forward to days free of pain.

Elena & Terry G.

May 2015

I am a gymnast and went to see Dr. Pyon for help with various injuries and physical stress related to pain (back, knees, and shoulders) and I've been amazed at the results. Dr. Pyon is thorough, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth, and takes the time to explain his techniques and how they work. I'm on a regular maintenance program now, and I'm really happy and hopeful that this will keep me more healthy and injury-free going forward. Everyone at the office is friendly too!

Justin D.

April 2015

I was broken and you fixed me! I feel so much better, thank you so much Dr. Sammy. You’re a miracle worker!

Noelle P.

January 2015

I have not been a patient of Dr. Pyon’s for long but I use to dread getting out of bed in the morning due to my pain. I am now leaping out of bed, looking forward to my day. I know now that I am on the correct path to a better quality of life.

Carter M.

January 2015

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