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Addressing Medicine’s Attack on Supplements

Once again, the media…pushed by the drug industry and the medical profession has taken a stand against nutritional supplements, as I’m sure you’ve heard.

The problem for them is that most intelligent people already know that proper nutrition, including supplementation, is a lifestyle decision that contributes to one’s health and well-being rather than simply being a more natural approach to dealing with symptoms.

It may not even be necessary to delve into the details behind the recent news headlines when you consider the dollars…always follow the dollars:

For a look behind the scenes of America’s 2 TRILLION DOLLAR medical-industrial complex, we go to a book entitled Money Driven Medicine by investigative journalist Maggie Mahar.

Just for giggles, because so few people can actually wrap their heads around how many million are in a billion or how many billion are in a trillion…let us help you.

It takes 1,000 millions to make a billion and it takes 1,000 billions to make a trillion.

Now let’s compare apples and apples.

The anti-supplement smear campaign is focused on a 12 billion-dollar vitamin industry. Sounds significant and it is. Now c

ompare the size of the 12 billion dollar vitamin industry to the 2,000 billion-dollar medical system that doesn't want diseases prevented, because disease care is their business.

Enough said…

OK-now some details. There were three unfavorable supplement studies offered to support the anti-supplement campaign that the “paid-for” media jumped on. (Paid for as in how many drug commercials did you see just last night?)

Can you imagine how many positive studies there have been that were overlooked starting with Linus Pauling and Vitamin C? Our simple approach would be to just compare death rate from supplements vs from drugs and medicine.

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