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Have You Heard of Pradaxa?

According to an expose’ published in the NY Times, Pradaxa has been prescribed to 850,000 patients and has also been linked to more than 1,000 deaths…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…especially when you consider Pradaxa US sales have passed $2 Billion since 2010.

Pradaxa is a prescription blood-thinning drug used to attempt to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots.

Pradaxa and two other recently approved drugs, Xarelto and Eliquis, are in a race to gain market share from warfarin, a generic drug that for decades has been the standard treatment for preventing blood clots and strokes.

So, what’s the problem? Why are drugs that are supposed to reduce the risk of stroke causing people to die?

Moreover, why are doctors prescribing it when right on the website, in easy to read letters, it says, “PRADAXA can cause bleeding which can be serious and sometimes lead to death.”

This should help solve the puzzle:

The makers of the blood-thinning drug Pradaxa were so worried that an internal research paper would damage drug sales that some employees not only pressured the author to revise it, but suggested it should be quashed altogether, according to newly unsealed legal documents…reported in the NY Times.

Oh, and don’t forget, US sales of Pradaxa over a 3 year period topped $2 Billion…get it?

“The one-size-fits-all was a mistake for a drug with this kind of risk,” said Thomas J. Moore, a scientist at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, which keeps track of safety reports sent to the F.D.A. He rated an